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Gaining apartment tenants through wholesale Satellite TV & Internet during difficult economic times, Apartnet specializes in bulk and wholesale satellite TV and in high-speed Internet solutions. By offering better entertainment, like Dish Network or Direct TV and broadband communication services to tenants, not only will this help increase CAP rates, but it will increase the value of the property.

How to create additional revenue with your investment property and increase the value of certain buildings and properties., Improving some basic technology can increase revenue, increase property value, and help gain a competitive advantage of the competition. This can be accomplished by offering bulk satellite TV, Internet, and phone services to apartments, hotels, or investment properties. Adding these services will also will increase CAP rate and help attract and retain tenants.

BULK UP ON BULK AMENITIES, Property owners should renew their interest in bulk, especially higher-end bulk. It’s a great amenity to offer in a soft market. But make sure to deliver real value...."More and more property owners are buying cable TV and, in many cases broadband services on a bulk basis from their service provider. They then include the service package in with rent..."

BENEFITS TO MDU PROPERTY OWNERS, "Owners of MDU Properties and Communities, Apartments, Condos, Town Homes, Hotels, and Commercial Buildings can benefit from wholesale satellite tv pricing in the following ways: On Dish Solutions, Better Service for Tenants, Competitive Advantage, Felixble Pricing Programs, & Control Over Services..."

MORE DEMAND FOR MORE AND BETTER BROADBAND CONNECTIONS, The number of broadband households is reaching the critical mass needed to spur the development of new devices and applications – and that, in turn, will create even more demand for more and better broadband connections. OnLive’s approach to gaming hardware is low-cost and minimalist because the game engine is online. With an increasing demand for Broadband, apartment renters will be putting priorities on apartments with better amenities, including high speed internet and satellite tv.

BULK SATELLITE & INTERNET SERVICES IMPLEMMENTED AT TIMBERLINKS APARTMENT COMMUNITY Given the algebra of multifamily valUations, where a property’s disposition value is linked to – and multiplied by – the revenue it generates each month, Lynd estimates that the company added $1 million to Timberlink’s value in just over 90 days by buying TV services in bulk and then reselling them to residents. Add to that the fact that The Lynd Company has been able to push rents by about 10 percent since taking over Timberlinks’ management, and they’ve got a recipe for profitability.

MDU Developments: FTTH (Fiber To The Home) adds about $5,000 to the price of a home. Fiber has a lot of advantages over copper wire or coaxial cable, as it is easier to maintain and delivers far more bandwidth. "...it is clear that FTTH homes sell faster."...


ONE DISH solutions for your buildings

• Dish Network, Direct TV, Triple Play

• Best wholesale pricing = BIG Profits for you!


• High-Speed Internet Solution for your tenants

• 2nd most sought after amenity for tenants

• We can deliver the best per door price!


• High-Speed Internet Solutions for Businesses

• Satellite & Internet for Hotels, Restaurants...

• Professional Hassle-Free Installations

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